Friday, October 22, 2010

Match 5: Marinthians vs Starcom

It pains me when I can't make a Marinthians game. Admittedly, the last few weeks have been akin to following Newcastle. One week there are intense highs after a memorable victory, followed by serious lows after having lost games we really felt we should have won. I had no idea what would come of the game against Starcom, but I had previous commitments which meant I left the reporting duties to Karen and converted Marinthians fan, Barbara.

So, it turns out like I missed a corker. Starcom pulled up with a full five in their ranks, but unfortunately they couldn’t keep up with the sheer power of the Marinthians. The four game practice advantage clearly showed on the pitch, with the Marinthians running absolutely rampant. The gaffer, with his laser precision boot, smashed home 2 goals in the first two minutes, and once Razor added to his ever burgeoning tally and Willie finally finding his scoring boots with a five minute hat trick, Starcom never really had a chance of fighting back. By half time, the Marinthians had stormed into an 11 nil advantage, with their goal remaining unsullied.

Shortly after half time, I think Starcoms lack of fitness was showing and Wicka swapped sides to give them a little bit of relief. It definitely seemed to help as Starcom scored their first goal shortly after and clawed themselves onto the scoreboard. It couldn’t stop Marinthians hot scoring streak, however, as each member notched one in the “Goals scored” column, with the gaffer upto 9 goals at this stage (he was to end the day into double figures, taking home a tally of ten).

Willie consequently swapped sides with one of their players and the game became more even, with Starcom starting to hit their stride late into the game. A few more goals from either side (one with Wicka scoring for Starcom) and the game ended a rather one sided victory for the Marinthians. A relatively easy game for the Marinthians but a good run out nonetheless. Gaffer scored a hatful and Grizzlee even made a save, check out the vid below!

MARINTHIANS 22 – 5 Starcom

• Gaffer x 10 (1,2,13,14,16,19,30,36,37,52)
• Razor x 3 (4,40,45)
• Willie x 5 (6,7,10,24,43)
• Wicka x 1 (15)
• Whitestick x 1 (28)
• Grizzlee x 1 (31)
• “Frank” x 1 (39)

Starcom goals on 26, 38, 41, 43, 48 (last one by the turncoat Wicka!)

(times of goal in brackets. 52 minutes played)

*All documentation of goals and pictures are courtesy of Karen and the video was kindly supplied by Barbara*

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