Thursday, October 7, 2010

Match 3: Marinthians vs OMD UK (well, sort of)

A pretty short round up this one, mainly as I was not in attendance. Yes, yes, I know, what kind of fan am I etc.....

Well, to be fair, when I heard that OMD UK could only put out a team of 3 guys (as they had taken part in the Yahoo cup the night before) I was pretty disappointed. We were quite excited to face off against the league hotshots, and for them to face up with just three players...well, it was a let down. It led to Le Plop frantically ringing around and we managed to enlist Karen's husband and one of Plops mates to play for OMD.

As it turns out, it sounded like a pretty decent game and went down to the wire, with the OMD-a-likes coming out as 10-9 winners. It turns out that Karen's husband and Plops mate were actually pretty decent and were able to hold their own alongside the OMD hotshots. Razor had a great game from defense/midfield rampaging forward to score a total of 5 goals, shooting him to the top of the scoring charts. The rest of the team (bar Wicka) managed to nick one, with the Gaffer notching his first on his debut.

This weeks game against TradeDoubler should be another interesting proposition, with plenty of smack talk already being thrown around. Same time, same place. See you there.

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