Monday, October 24, 2011

The Marin World Cup (27th October 2011)

Dear all followers of the Marinthians and their exploits,

I appreciate that this has hardly been updated in many moons, but I have returned to announce a most monumental event. On the 27th October 2011, Marin will be hosting the inaugural Marin World Cup, a battle to see who really is the best. We go in with optimism, but will be pitted against 7 of our agencies in an effort to see who really is the best.

We have set up a twitter account to follow the progress on the day (@TheMarinthians) so please dial in to find out how your team is doing on the day.

The format will comprise of 4 preliminary round games where the Winners of these games will go into a mini tournament, and the losers into their own mini tournament.

The draw is as follows:

Game 1 - OMD/PHD vs Starcom Mediavest
Game 2 - Bigmouth Media vs Access/MG OMD
Game 3 - Zenith/Performics vs Agenda 21
Game 4 - Marinthians vs Tradedoubler

Keep an eye on this page for full updates and on the twitter feed for live updates from all the games.


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